Can I operate the 4WD Low mode with the vehicle stationary?
It is possible to engage and disengage 4WD Low mode when the vehicle is completely stationary, however difficulties may arise if the gear teeth are not perfectly aligned.

The best way to engage the Low mode is to slow down to a speed of 3-5km / h and to place the transmission in neutral . While the vehicle is still in motion, move with the decision of the lever change in the position 4WD Low . Then re-engage the desired gear. For detailed instructions, see the user manual.

Does the vehicle have to be stationary or moving to operate the Quadra-Lift suspension and the Selec-Terrain system?
The Quadra-Lift air suspension and the Selec-Terrain system can be operated with the vehicle stationary or in motion. In this second case, the driver can manually select the correct height for the Quadra-Lift system or can let the vehicle automatically enter the optimal configuration. The driver can also use the Selec-Terrain control dial to optimize the transmission and brake control systems in particular driving conditions.

There are specific speed thresholds for the different heights set in the Quadra-Lift system. For example, the driver can select Park modeat speeds below 19 km / h. The system begins to lower to the intended height for parking mode when the vehicle is traveling at speeds below 10 km / h. This ensures that the correct height is reached before the occupants get out of the vehicle. Also for off-road heights, maximum speeds are provided to ensure maximum driving comfort.