Protecting construction workers from a hazardous fall should be the top priority of every company. For construction workers who are best at their jobs and know their ways around sharp, tall turns and slippery edges, a dangerous fall is never really expected until it actually happens.

Even though such incidents are quite rare, they are still fairly possible and are quite likely to occur even in a moment of a worker losing fixated focus and concentration, or with a sudden surge of anxiety.

This is why providing foolproof fall protection for construction workers is a necessity that must be provided by employers in order to prevent casualties and stay clear of lawsuits, legal issues, and other undesirable incidents, worst of all being the loss of precious human life.

During any functioning time at a construction site, fall hazards cannot be ignored at all, and must frequently be revised and drilled among construction workers themselves.

Here are 4 Fall protection measures from safety harness sydney you can take.

Fall Arrest

A drop of 6 feet or more can cause substantial injuries and more, hence is considered to be a fall hazard.

For fall arrest systems, workers are often provided with full-body harnesses, lanyards, and anchor points to hold them up to their places without the risk of falling.

The kind of harness a construction worker will need will depend on the type of work being done and the weight of his or her body.

Lanyards are the crucial component that connects the worker’s harness to the anchor points safely and soundly.

Anchor points attach the worker to the area that they are working on, or are being suspended and supported from while working on an area nearby. They are usually installed on roofs, but can also be installed on doors and windows.


The very crucial positioning systems allow construction workers to sit back with a certain amount of physical support in their harnesses. While doing so they can easily perform their work with both hands with ease and comfort because it keeps them secured in one place.

These are commonly used by workers on the cellular polls while not being tied to an anchor above.

Retrieval or Rescue Plan

A retrieval or rescue plan is another unavoidable and imminent step in fall protection procedures that must be curated and provided by employers.

This is a plan that must be quick and efficient enough to retrieve a worker that has, despite all prior measures, fallen and has not yet hit any damaging or injuring surfaces.


Suspension equipment systems are essential for flexibility and ease of work for laborers without having them risk their lives or health in order to get their work done better.

This equipment is able to lower and support the worker with almost full mobility, meanwhile also providing for a hands-free work environment, giving him full access to using his limbs while not having to worry about the security of the suspension.

This system is actively utilized by painters and window washers.