Safety should be your priority despite the kind of job that you are doing. Whenever you are in your working environment, you should always think about the mishaps that could happen, and therefore you should do all you can to protect yourself. However, when you do not expect anything to happen, that is when it’s likely to happen. This is why you should never ignore your safety when you are at work.

Why should I wear a safety harness?

There is different safety equipment you could wear when working, and a safety harness is among them. It protects you from falling, especially when you are working with heights. It also prevents you from having severe injuries in case you fall when working. If you fall from high heights, you could get severe injuries or lose your life if you are not wearing any safety equipment. So this makes a safety harness brisbane an essential asset that you should invest in.

How does a safety harness work?

There are different types of harnesses that you can wear when you are working. They include a pole belt, rescue, a chest, and a full-body safety harness.

  •  Pole belt

 This is a type of harness that is usually used by people who climb trees or poles. This harness is worn around the waist and the upper legs. Its main aim is to protect the wearer against falling.

  • Chest harness  

As the name suggests, this safety harness is worn around the chest and across the wearer’s shoulders. They also prevent you from falling, but many people do not like this type of harness. This is because it causes many restrictions on the chest, making one feel discomfort when working.

  • Full body harness

It is also called the parachute harness.  It is worn across the entire body and thus the name full-body safety harness. It is used as a fall arrest device or fall restraint device. It has extra straps and buckles that you need to recheck when purchasing it from the market.

  • Rescue harness

A rescue harness can be used in rescuing people. It has so much strength that it can carry two people at a go. It also has an additional attachment allowing you to strap another safety harness. 

These harnesses have the same basics in which they work to keep you safe. They include:

  1. Force distribution

It distributes force to all the body parts ensuring that no part takes the brunt.

  1. Vital area protection

The harness protects the body parts that are more vital and vulnerable than the others.

  1. Upright position

When you fall, the harness keeps you upright, which is the best and quickest rescue position. This also prevents suspension trauma.

  1. Proper fit

The harness fits your body correctly, ensuring that it’s effective despite your weight and size.